Help with Short Row Shoulder Shaping

Hi. I need help interpreting the following pattern instructions for shaping neck and shoulders for the back of a cap sleeve T-shirt:

“Work in pattern across 64 stitches. Place centre 18 sts on holder for back neck, join new yarn and work to end of row. Working both sides at the same time decrease 1 st at each neck edge row 4 times, then every other row 4 times. At the same time after working 6 rows from beginning of neck shaping, begin shoulder shaping. Do not bind off; leave sts on needle. Short row 11 sts at armhole edge 4 times. Work 1 row across shoulder, picking up wraps and working them together with wrapped sts. Place 56 sts from each shoulder on holders. Break yarn.”

The introduction to the pattern states “It is knit in 2 pieces with the cap sleeves worked at the same time. The front and back are knit back and forth using circular needles.”

I’m confused as to how I’m supposed to work the short rows at the armhole edge at the same time as decreasing at the neck edge. Also are the short rows supposed to slope upwards at the armhole edge (i.e. away from the neck)?

I was wondering if there’s a mistake in the pattern and could I complete the rows with the decreases at the neck edge before I start doing the 4 short rows at the armhole edge? This is the way the pattern is written for the front.

Most of the rows are going to be knit at the neck edge. You’ll have fewer rows at the armhole. That way the shoulder will slope up from the armhole to the neck. To do that, knit from the neck toward the armhole, to the last 11sts then W&T. Each time you repeat the short row, knit to 11sts before the last W&T. You should then be able to work the neck decreases without any problem.

Thanks. I’ve just done a trial swatch with your instructions and it worked out :grinning:

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Alright! Good going.