Help with short row pattern (Tilda Hat)

I am making my first short row pattern, the Tilda Hat from the book The Shape of Knitting. After the cast on and the first round row, you have 88 stitches. Then it says k1, p1 42 x until 4 stitches before marker - so this would be 84 stitches altogether. The next row is 8 stitches before marker 38 stitches so 76 stitches altogether. As I am typing this question, I think I just figured out my mistake and it’s a dumb one lol :smiley: I was leaving my marker in the same place but I should move it each time to the new wrap and turn, right? I will try and upload a photo of the start of the pattern.

rows 3-19 notice it says same side of hat, this means right or left side not front and back, correct?

It doesn’t suggest moving the marker. Just turn for the short row at the given number of sts before the marker. Each time it’s 4 additional sts before the marker (4,8,12,etc) or 4sts before the last W&T.

The “side” of the hat seems to refer to inside or outside rather than front or back…

That’s what I was doing but somehow ended up with way too many stitches to
reach the four before w&t. I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong :confused:.
When I got to row 8, I still had 80 some stitches to get to where I was
supposed to turn!

Maybe it’s difficult to see where the wraps are? Take a look at what you have so far and see if you can identify the w&t and see if there are 4 sts between each of them.

They are kind of hard for me to see, but there is a gap that forms where I w&t. I was assuming that was where the wrap was. My yarn is dark. Maybe I should make this with a lighter color and see if I can see the wraps better. Sometimes that’s easier for me. Old eyes lol :slight_smile:

I think this will help me to think of four additional stitches from marker instead of four from the last wrap and turn. Maybe you’re right and I am not identifying the wraps correctly. Thank you :slight_smile: