Help with shawl needed!

Ok, so I’m finishing up a drop stitch shawl for my mom. I just have 2 questions about this pattern! The link to the shawl I’m making is in my signature. Here’s what I’m having problems with:

This is the very end, where I only have 6 stitches left. “With the right side of your work facing you & six stitches left on the needle, knit across the five stitches of the loop fringe. Cut the yarn and run it through the last stitch to bind off” So I don’t do the typical bind off stitch? I’m so confused!

and the directions to make the fringe: “Starting at one end, unravel 5 stitches. You will see a loop as you unravel.” How exactly should I go about unraveling?

Thank you guys so much!

I’ve never done this style of drop stitch before but how I read the pattern is no you won’t be doing the typical BO… You will knit the first 5 sts cut the yarn and pull it through the 6th sts… I think those 5sts still on your needle is where you will start your un ravel… now the best way to unravel I’m not sure but I have google working on it :lol:

ETA: from what I see its just like unraveling your knitting… just taking the 5sts off the needle and letting them un ravel… you might have to pull easily to help it along and remeber to tie your knot at the end to secure the loop

:pray: [size=1]me hoping I’m right and not sending you off in the wrong direction but if I am someone stops by soon and clears it up :rofling: [/size]

ok, i think that helps. cross your fingers for me! :rofling: