Help with Shaping Back of neck

Pattern is stockinette. I am ending the armhole shaping with 54 live stitches. Then pattern says (BO=bind off):

[B][FONT=EurostileBold][SIZE=1][COLOR=#4d4d4d][LEFT][U][COLOR=blue]Shape back neck[/COLOR][/U][/LEFT]
[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=EurostileRegular][SIZE=1][COLOR=#333333][LEFT][COLOR=blue]K15 sts, place rem sts on holder. BO 2[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]sts at beg of next row — 13 sts. K 1 row, P 1[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]row. BO.[/COLOR]

I get the beginning part of this: I bind off 15 stitches and end up with 39 stitchs on a holder. Then pattern says, and here’s where I get lost:[/LEFT]

[FONT=EurostileRegular][SIZE=1][COLOR=blue][LEFT]Rejoin yarn to held sts. BO center 28 sts. K to end of row. P 1 row. BO 2 sts at beg of next row — 13 sts. P 1 row. BO.

[COLOR=black]Does this mean K5, BO 28, K6? Then when I turn, what am I purling? Very confused???[/COLOR][/LEFT]

Acckkkkk! The type for the pattern is almost too small to read.

But what you do is take another end of yarn, BO the first 28 sts on the holder, this is for the center of the neck. Then you’ll be shaping the shoulder like you did the first one. You knit across those 15 sts that are left. Then purl back, turn and BO 2 sts, knit, turn, purl back and BO 13 sts.

THANKS A MILLION. I have done this once before (only my second sweater), but the way it was written was confusing.:woohoo: