Help with Shaping Armholes - new knitter dilemma

I’m too far gone (and very pleased so far) with the back of my first jumper make a grave error at this stage, but I’m perplexed by instructions when I get to ‘shaping armholes’.

Pattern reads -

"Cast off 8 stitches at the beginning of the next two rows.
“Then decrease 1 stitch at the end of every row [for the next 10 rows] then in every following alternate rows.”

I assume from this that one side will decrease more sharply than the other. And, conversely, that when I knit the front, the shaping will be reversed and everything will fit together hunky dory!

I’ve never seen a knitted garment before the individual pieces were all spliced together. So, am I reading the pattern correctly (it appears so) and is this the usual way of shaping for armholes??? If yes to the latter, why aren’t decreases the same for both sides of the piece that’s being knitted? Won’t the seams seem odd? Or does it help with the final product “hanging/draping” properly without stretching???


For the back you dec at both edges, which this does at first -
“Then decrease 1 stitch at the end of every row [for the next 10 rows] then in every following alternate rows.” I’m not sure about after the first 10 rows. Most have you dec at both ends of the row, every other row, then you might switch to decs every 4th row. Do you have a link to the pattern? That might help.

Thank you.

I don’t have a link to the pattern. It’s in Patons book I bought in Australia. (Book 1266 Jet - V-Neck Moss Stitch Rib Sweater, P.24.)

These people have been around long enough to safely assume that probably it does make sense because the front is worked in the same way up to “…cast off 8 sts. at the beginning of the next 2 rows” and then you divide foir the Vee neck.

So that puts dropped 8 stitches on the left on the back panel, and on the right for the front panel and they should fit together (once all the other decreases are completed). Just seems an odd way to do it - that’s why I thought perhaps it might be a method that assists with the drape.

I’m a firm believer in learning from mistakes, but as it’s all ribbed moss stitch, and also my first jumper, it would seem a shame to get this far after so many hours of work, only to end up with a mis-shapen piece of useless and expensive wool.


I think I must be panicking (or dreaming!).

No problem - the decreases are at the beginnings and ends of alternate rows so they’ll switch from right to left as the rows progress.

Don’t know what I was thinking. The picture I had in my head was that the decreases would all be focused on one particular side.

But thanks, while I hide my head in shame.


It’s okay, even with patterns that are more clear, it’s sometimes hard to visualize what they mean, or easy to overlook something obvious.