Help with sewing up rib please


I’m finishing a V-neck sleeveless sweater all in K3 P3 rib and a thought has crossed my mind. How much do I stretch the front and back pieces when sewing together? I’m guessing I will have to stretch them to some extent.

Many thanks as always, this forum is invaluable to me! :yay:

If you’re talking about stretching the ribs side to side as you sew the side seams together—I don’t think you have to at all. The stretch will be in the ribs themselves not in stretching them as you sew.

Thanks Merigold. Yes, that’s what I meant, stretch the rib while sewing up the sides. If I sew the right and left sides without allowing for any stretch, in my mind I get a sleeve, not a sweater :wink: Will the rib still stretch even when both sides are sewn?

Thank you!

If you made the body the size it says you should have all you need to have a sweater and not a sleeve. :slight_smile: The only way I can see that happening is if you took way too much in your seam. You should use a mattress stitch to sew the sides together and you won’t have any problem with the ribs stretching. They still do what ribs do.

OK, I’ll try mattress stitch. Thanks for helping me!
PS Love the monkey hat!