Help with sewing up a flower pattern

I’m working on a tulip pattern. I was able to knit the flower just fine, but when I got to the assembling part I am stumped. The instructions don’t make sense to me. Can anyone explain this?

Pin out petal points and press. Taking in half a st from each edge, join side seam. On bound-off edge, pinch a fold at point formed by seam. Join two diagnols of bound-off edge as far as the increases of last row. Pinch two remaining points and join the two pairs of diagnols, leaving a small opening in center for stem.

Here’s a pic of the pattern/instructions.

Basically you’re joining the petals at the base, the pink color, to form a cup or lower portion of the tulip.
First step is to join the side seam at the very edges of the petals, a half stitch in. You can use mattress stitch or any other seaming method you prefer. If you start at the cast on edge, your yarn tail will be in position to join the petals at the cast off edge without having to cut and rejoin yarn.

To make the lower cup of the tulip, fold over the point of the seam to the opposite side of the tulip and join these together for a stitch or maybe two. Do the same with the two remaining sides so that you’ve narrowed the base or lower cup of the tulip to almost a point. It’s almost a point because you still have a small hole for the stem to push through.

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Thanks for your help! I don’t understand why it’s confusing me so much. :woman_facepalming:

They are the kind of directions that make your head spin.
Once you have seamed the edges to join in the round, you’re really just gathering the base of the tulip together leaving a small opening for the stem.

What I ended up doing (before I heard back from you) was just running yarn through the bound off edge and pulling tight to close. It worked ok, but I’m not a huge fan of the look. Hopefully my 2nd one will work better. Thanks so much!

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It still does not look right. Here’s how it ended up after attempting to assemble the bottom per instructions.

Actually the last photo looks very nice, very spring-like.
It seems to me that you can gather the bottom in a manner similar to the way you would gather the top of a hat. That would leave a more obvious hole for the stem and you could cinch up the bottom with the stem inserted.

Hello! I don’t think that you just cinch the base up. If you pinch the base to fold along the shaping line, (three pinches should take up the whole circumference) your thumb nail will sit at the corner of the fold and suggest a diagonal line across its tip. I think that is the line you stitch across. It’ll create more of a cup. I’ll try and photograph on a piece of paper! Imagine ( if you can!) that is your bottom of cylinder!!