Help with sewing up a baby blanket made of squares

Hi All
I am sewing up a baby blanket for my soon to arrive first Grandson - It is made up of separate squares and I need to match the pattern. The joins look scrappy and I don’t know what to do to make them look nice. Sirdar Pattern 3266 - a bit disappointed after knitting all 48 squares that it is not as lovely as I had hoped. Any ideas on how I might make it look better - happy to send post a photo if needed

This is a wonderful looking blanket! So lovely.

At least one of the projects on the Ravelry page was crocheted together and that looks very nice. Even if you don’t crochet, you can learn enough to do this. Practice on two swatches if you want.

There’s another that looks like mattress stitch. That’s an invisible join although there’ll be a seam on the back. It’ll work across the tops and bottoms of squares as well as the sides.

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Hi Salmonmac; I crochet quite a bit but have very little experience with knitting. Does it make a big difference if you block each square before trying to sew them together?

That’s a good question. With sweaters, I always choose to block before seaming if possible but a sweater is a relatively limited number of pieces.
It would be good to block these squares first but the idea of blocking 48 squares might put me off. So maybe blocking after joining would work well enough.

@snowfleas, what would be a good way to crochet these squares together? Have you ever done this?

Dear Salmonmac and Snowfleas - than you both for your responses. I think the challenge is each row I am joining together has a little bump where the pattern asked me to decrease at the beginning of each row. In hindsight I think if I had done knit 1 knit 2 tog rather than a straight k2 together the little bump would not be there. Because I want the blanket to lie flat the link of the little bumps stands out in the line. I think I am going to have to live with it. I considered how I might overcast the join but it looks worse. Ho Hum. Any thoughts much appreciated :slight_smile:

I think that crocheting together might take care of that little bump but let’s see what a real crocheter has to say. @snowfleas.

I have crocheted for more than fifty years. I have put blocks of crocheted squares together to form afghans by crocheting around each block in a common colour and then crocheting the blocks into strips. Once the strips are put together I crochet around the exterior of the afghan. At this point you can add some of the colours used for the blocks. Good luck.

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Dear Salmonac and Snowfleas

I went to a knitting class yesterday and with the teacher we worked out a version of mattress stitch that works a treat. My Magnus Opus for my new grandson is back on track Yet! thank you

That’s wonderful news. I hope we get to see a photo when you finish!

Great to hear from you. I hope it turns out the way you want it to. I am glad that you are getting hands-on help.