Help with seed stitch pls

I’m making my 1st baby blanket. I did 8 rows of seeds stitch. Then 30 inches of 5 seed stitches on each end of knit a row, then perl a row(73 stitches total across)(Looks great. But I picked up an extra stitch somewhere. It’s time for me to do my final 8 rows, but now with my even number of stitches I can’t get the seed stitch back. Is there a way I can compensate for this extra stitch and make it all look consistent. Does this make any sense? Would appreciate any help!

To keep in seed stitch pattern, knit the sts that look like purls, and purl the stitches that look like knits - that works for an even or odd number of stitches. Or you can decrease a stitch in the middle.

Thank you. How do I decrease a stitch in the middle. Knit 2 together?

Yep, just k2tog.

You can even do the k2tog in the corner at one side where the main part of the blanket meets the border. You’re going to need to get back to the odd number of sts in order to pick up the border in the right sequence to continue the seed st. Enjoy the last border on the ‘almost finished’ blanket and welcome to Knitting Help!

Thank you! Success. Finished today!