Help with seaming a baby bootie pattern

Hi I am working on a baby bootie pattern from this website: I have replaced the cotton yarn with another patons yarn. I have completed everything up until Row 20 (which I’ve completed) Below I’ve attached a picture of my work as I do not know how to knit up the seams? I’ve never done seams before and I don’t see how this shape makes a bootie. Any help would be great…

well first you have to finish off by doing the ‘cut yarn and draw through remaining sticthes and pull tight’ bit. This is an alternative to binding off and will get the stitches off your needle.

as for sewing up, use the tail of your yarn and a large wool or darning needle. play with it and fold it until you get the right shape, but it looks lie the 2 short sides will be sewn together to form a rind with the long staright side as the ankle opening and the semi circle bit being the foot. Join the unattached sides of the semi-circle bit to the ring you have just formed to create a ‘pocket’ for the foot.