Help with scarf (two color)

I’ve been knitting for a while now, and I know how to do the stranding and intarsia method for knitting with two colors, but i am making my scarf with letters in it - the letters being a different color. my problem is that it is based off of a band name and the letters are extremely blocky like their logo… it also has a sidways medic symbol… here is an example of the one i made, but i need an alternative way

i was just using the stranding method but it is of course pulling my work during the letters with a lot of stitches in between the colors… ive tried making those strands of yarn in the back as loose as possible without it looking awful, but it is just not working… i have also tried intarsia but because it is another strand of yarn from the one i was working with and it is all straight lines, my work was separating…

does anyone have any suggestions on how i could make this scarf without these problems?

(and btw, im so glad this forum is here… i will probably be lingering around for a while ^_^)

Intarsia would be your best bet. When you change colors, hold the one that you’re stopping over to the left and bring the new color up from under it. Do this on every color change and you won’t get gaps between the colors.

You might want to consider making the scarf double in width so you can fold over and sew the long side. The back of intarsia will be opposite of the front, of course, and it might look messy.

Ahhhh… I was just dropping the old color and picking up the new color. This is my third time trying to make this scarf better than the one I already made, so I am going to work it in a separate piece before I start it on this one hah.

Just out of curiousity, in your opinion, would it end up looking bad to have the stranded method borders and medic symbol and then intarsia letters? there will still be a right side and all, but it will have those loops :frowning:


i just did it the right way, fixing what i did wrong and it worked beautifully… thank you soooo very much…