Help with russian chart

hi everyone …could anyone help me to read this chart please ?? spcialy the left said thank you

It’s a bit of a guess based on keys for other charts but I’d say the symbols on the left mean:
yarn over

any guess for the cable chart ??sorry and thanks for help

I’m less sure about some of the cables but I think it goes:
slip 1 to cable needle, hold in back, k2, p1 from cable needle
slip 2 to CN, hold in front, p1, k2, from CN
slip 1 to CN, hold in front, p1, k1, k1 from CN?
slip 1 to CN, hold in back, p1, k1 from CN
slip 1 to CN, hold in front, p1, k1 from CN

Can you link to a picture of the pattern?

There’s also a translation forum on Ravelry which may be able to help.

thank you so much

Mmm, gorgeous sweater. I’d definitely get a confirmation on the symbols or try out the pattern on a swatch to be sure. My Russian is non-existent!

thank you salmonmac… helping me every time i need help

this is the link for the chart