help with Rowan Rue knitting pattern

i am knitting a cardigan, but am stuck on the meaning of:

‘work in rib for a further 18 rows, [inc:dec:inc-] 1 st at end of last row? ‘

does this mean to increase 1 decrease 1 and increase 1 on last row ?

any help appreciated, thank you

No it isn’t this.

The instructions for inc or dec relate to the different size options so the instruction depends on the size you are making.
1st size starts with 47 sts. There is a dash before the [inc:dec:inc:-] information and a zero on how many, the result is 47 stitches (resulting stitch count is shown two lines down).
Next size up starts 51 stitches, instruction is inc 1 resulting 52 stitches.
Next size dec 1, 59-1=58
Next size inc 1, 63+1=64
Next size has a dash and a 0, 71 stitches remains the same.

I hope this helps. If it is still confusing do say so you can have more help.

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Thank you, yes makes sense now! i am she i will be asking more questions before i finish :grin:

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