Help with Rowan pattern!

I am knitting a Rowan pattern and need help from someone who understands complicated knitting. Here is the problem:

I have 259 purl stitches on the needles (and this is correct per the pattern). A marker has been placed to denote location of future side seam. The instructions for the row I need to complete are as follows (note that “patt” just means to Purl for those sts):

Round 17 (RS): P2, P2tog, patt to within 4 sts of marker, P2tog tbl, P4 (marker is at center of these 4 sts), P2tog, patt to last 4 sts, P2tog tbl, P2. [258] sts.

The problem is that, if I follow the instructions, there are 4 times that I am required to P2 together. Thus, the row is decreased by 4 stitches, leaving 255 stitches in the row, NOT 258 as indicated.

Can someone help me understand why the instructions indicate that the row will go from 259 to 258 stitches, a reduction of only 1 stitch???

It certainly seema like a decrease of 4sts from 259 to 255 by the end of the row. Make sure the 259 you have is correct and then check later rounds to see if they give a stitch count. See if a later count makes sense with what you have. Perhaps it’s just this one number that is wrong.
What is the pattern name? Maybe there are published errata.

Thank you so much. It’s interesting. Reading on in the pattern, the other stitch counts reflect the proper decreases and give a correct stitch count if one has 258 stitches after round 17 is complete. The pattern is Rowan Allure. I will do a google search to check for typos, as you suggest. But it is clear that there are to be 259 stitches on the needles at the beginning of row 17. The only other possibility is that the typo occurred at the beginning of the pattern where the number of stitches was established (259 per the instructions). I am terrified to move forward!!!

No published errata for this pattern on Rowan website. Again, the pattern is Allure, by Lisa Richardson and published in the Rowan magazine number 49. If anyone out there has any ideas, I’d be forever in your debt!!!

Thanks to you all. I have solved the problem. It was very confusing but there was a pattern note at the beginning of the pattern that clarifies the count. It’s fairly convoluted so if anyone out there ever has a question about this pattern, please feel free to send me a message. It is for Rowan “Allure” pattern, published in magazine number 49. Thanks again!!

Good for you! You are now the expert on this pattern.
There are some projects on Ravelry which you can find if you search Rowan Allure in the Patterns window (Ravelry is free to join if you haven’t already). The notes may be of interest to you.