Help! With Rowan pattern !

Hi. I am knitting a sleeveless jacket from Rowan. I have come to shaping the sleeves on the back. I have decreased ten stitches on each side and then followed ‘next two rows’ to start the decreasing. I have called these two rows ‘A’ & ‘B’ I have completed the next 7 rows which Is giving a nice edge BUT the next instruction says ‘ decrease on the following 11 alt rows ‘ - I presume on the non alternate rows I just continue the rib pattern?
But on the alternate decrease row do I work the first Next Row A / or the second Next row B.
I hope I have described this adequately-
Gill Tyler

Welcome to KH!
If you continue for 7 rows after the initial A and B rows you’ll end having completed an A row. The next row is a B row but without decreases. Alternate A rows with decreases and B rows without decreases until you have the given number of sts.

That’s so much simpler Thankyou :pray: