Help with Rowan kids pattern - Jessica



Hello everyone, first post here so please let me know if I’ve read the rules correctly! I’m attempting the above pattern and I understand almost all of it apart from this bit! It is for the back section, starting at the bottom after the picot cast-on. I can’t make out how the decrease works. I’ve searched for errata but haven’t had any luck yet and a very experienced knitter friend couldn’t help either…any advice much appreciated!

Thanks in advance



Welcome to the forum!
What size are you making?


Thank you! That’s the one! It’s the 12-18 m, the second largest size


Decrease one stitch at each end of row 11 and then dec at each end of rows 21,31 and 41. When there’s a 0 or in this case a dash for your size, skip over that direction. That’ll take you from 81sts to 73sts.


Thank you so much! Now you’ve pointed it out it sounds simple :blush: