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I’m trying to figure out a pattern with an odd number knitting chart. I’ve figured out that the purl row is a repeat of the knit row.

The pattern states to work 4 rows before increasing. I’m confused how to count the rows. The chart looks like I count the knit row and the purl row as 1, or do they count as 2 rows?

The pattern is the Ellen top in the Rowan no 67 book.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Usually 4 rows would mean exactly that: right side, wrong side, right side, wrong side. And following along with the chart as you do those 4 rows (providing you have reached the point where you are working from the chart).

Could you post a photo of a small section of the chart. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “odd number knitting chart” so maybe with a photo of part of the chart someone else can help you work that out.

Hi kushami

Thanks for replying. An odd number chart only shows rows 1, 3, 5, 7 etc. So for a st st pattern the knit row would be chart row 1 right to left and the purl row would be chart row 1 left to right.

I’ve tried to show part of the pattern but the image is not great.

.WIN_20210529_08_41_07_Pro (2)

Kushami is correct. The rows count as 4 rows even if the even number rows are worked as the preceding odd row but as left to right.

It’s unusual that the even row would be a repeat of the odd row. This pattern looks like predominantly single rows in the color chart. I can see a 10 on the tenth row of the chart which makes it looks like each row is either a knit (right to left) or purl (left to right).

Hi salmonmac

Thanks for the answer. This is why I’m confused. The pattern says “Chart is a repeat of an ODD number of rows.”

But, then it states work 4 rows and then dec 1 st at each end, which the chart shows on row 5, which would be correct if you’re reading a normal chart.

I’ve never done fairisle before and I thought this would be a nice easy repeating pattern :slight_smile:

I am going to practise my knitting technique first and I will try both ways and see which one looks like the photo. Will post an update, when I’ve worked it out.

The charted diamonds are 7 rows in total. You’ll be working the pattern for example one stitch at the beginning of the diamond on one row then 3sts on the next row. So the pattern differs on each row.
See the close up in the 2nd photo in this project:

Working a small swatch or a bit of the pattern is a good way to see this.

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Hi salmonmac

Thank you. I’ve looked at the photo and happy that my swatch matches it.

You’re right about the pattern, I just need to think odd stitches to 7 and then back down to 1. I’m going to keep practising for a bit.

Thanks again for your help

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