Help with Rocket Hoodie

I’m following the pattern for Patons Rocket Hoodie, I don’t quite understand the instructions at the end of ‘shape shoulders and neck edge’ section and the following section. I’m following the pattern for the second size (6-9m)

So I reached the end of the ‘shape the shoulders and neck edge’ part and I have 37 (38 in my case) stitches left on a needle. It then states to work each side of the back separately and then continues to instructions for ‘right back’ part. This is where I become a little confused as to how to proceed.
I have only been knitting for about 5 months!

Welcome to KH and to knitting!

You can place the 38 sts on a holder or scrap yarn. You’ll get to them later. You’ll be working with the 10 sts on the right hand needle.
Turn as you would at the end of a row and p1, p2tog then work in pattern to the end of row. Cast off 4sts. This is the armhole edge, the same edge that has the original cast off of 5sts. Again turn and p1, p2tog and work to the end of row. Now turn and cast off the remaining sts.

Thats great! Thanks for help!

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