Help with ripping out stitches on circular needles

I just joined here, and I need help. I am a new knitter, and am making my first shawl. It’s a really simple one, but I did discover a mistake two rows down on it. I am making it on circular needles, and need to rip out two rows. How do you do this on circular needles? I know it’s probably quite simple, but I just can’t figure it out. I know how to unknit, but that would take forever on this.
Any suggestions?


Some mistakes can be fixed by dropping down, some are very difficult to do so with. Unfortunately, on projects that have a great many stitches in each row, noticing a mistake two rows later means a lot more unknitting. That’s just the way it is, and why you have to pay more attention with long rows. If you are worried about this happening again, you may want to use a lifeline. We can’t tell you how to fix the mistake because we don’t have a clue what mistake you have made.
Good work on tackling a shawl as a new knitter!


If you just have to switch a knit to a purl or vice-versa, you can knit or slip up to that point and then check out Amy’s videos on fixing mistakes with a crochet hook…