Help with Ribbing

I am knitting a shrug and the pattern asks me to cast on 144 sts and do k1p1 ribbing until piece measures 2 inches.

I have done 4 rows repeatedly of k1p1. When I end on a purl I begin my next row with a purl. My ribbing is not lining up at all, its all over the place. I counted sts and I made sure I was doing k1p1, so this doesn’t make sense why it’s not lining up the way ribbing should.

Can someone please tell me why?

Each stitch has two sides, one side is a purl and the other is a knit. Ribbing is done by knitting the knits and purling the purls so if you end with a purl the other side is a knit. So knit that first stitch after you turn this case.

Thank you Jan! I got it, thank you! Happy New Year!

You’re welcome! Happy New Year to you, too!