Help with rib

Hi I am making my granddaughter :knitting: I have knitted the back and a left side it wasn’t until I finished the left front I realised I have done the rib wrong instead of 4 x 4 rib which I have done on the back I have done a 4 x 2 rib rather then undo the whole left front is there any way I can undo the rib to correct this mistake.
Thanx in advance.

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So frustrating to find something like this. Yes, there is a way to cut the knit fabric at the join of the rib and the rest of the front, pick up the loops (which are actually the loops between sts) and knit the rib downwards. This tutorial shows how:

Wow, thanks for sharing that link! I really could’ve used it when I was trying to fix a mistake in a houndstooth scarf that I made! I ended up making the problem much worse by trying to fix it another way.