HELP with Rib Stitch

Working on sleeve (Efforless Cardigan by Hannah Fettig & Knitbot). Suppose to k2, p2 rib for 3" for the cuff. I’m using dpns & after king 3 rounds, it doesn’t look like the ribbing around the bottom of the sweater where I used a circular needle. Wondering if it is because I’m just going round & round with dpns vs. circular needle.
Instructions do not say to change from dpns … HELP!!!:shrug:


DPNs or circs shouldn’t make a difference. Did you work the ribbing on the bottom flat or in the round? Either way, you knit the knits and purl the purls.

DPNs are fine. It takes more than 3 rounds. If you’re doing the stitch properly then give it an inch and it should look fine.

It takes more than 3 rows/rounds for ribbing to look right. Give it another 6 rows or so then check it.