Help with rib pattern

Hi, I’m knitting a sweater & need help with next step: k2, p2 rib for 3". When I checked my resource book, sounds like this is called 2 X 2 rib. Guessing I’m to end each row with same st I started with … for example right side: k2, p2 … rep … end with k2 AND wrong side starts & ends with p2.

Problem is I am 2 sts short on the row, which was the case early on in the pattern but I was told it was okay. So, question is:
IS IT OK TO START ROW WITH k2 BUT END WITH p2 & VICE VERSA ON NEXT ROW (start with p2 & end in k2) ???


It depends on how many sts you have, a multiple of 4 or a multiple of 4 plus 2 - not all ribbing will conform to what your book says, though 2x2 rib is a multiple of 4 sts, but you can have 4 +2 as wekk. If it’s a multiple of 4 you start the RS rows with k2 and end with purl 2. Then on the next row, you do the same. If it’s a multiple of 4 plus 2, you start and end the RS rows with k2, and the WS rows with p2.

To stay in pattern no matter how many stitches you have, after the first row, you knit the sts that look like knits and purl the ones that look like purls. If you can link or name the pattern, we can look at it and help you work through it.

The pattern is the Effortless Cardigan by Hannah Fettig & Knitbot.
I have 232 sts in the row, which means I have multiples of 4 sts. Think the pattern calls for multiples of 6 sts.

Please clarify: “If it’s a multiple of 4 you start the RS rows with k2 and end with purl 2. [U]Then on the next row, you do the same. [/U]” Wouldn’t I start next row with purl 2 & end with k2? (I apologize for asking but being new to knitting I need to get it straight in my head … I appreciate your help & patience!)


If you start the row k2 and end p2, the next row will start with a k2. That’s because the reverse side of the purl stitch is a knit stitch. Try this out on a small swatch to see what happens to the rib.
The pattern itself looks like straight stockinette stitch, it’s just the rib that’s a multiple of 4.

The pattern is not a multiple of 6 stitches, k2 p2 takes 4 sts. So you start the ribbing with k2 and end it with p2. The back of a purl stitch is a knit, the back of a knit stitch is a purl, so on the next row you begin with k2 also because that the back side of the purl 2 you ended with.

Thanks for the advice. Did a small swatch as you suggested & it looks good! I’m ready to do more knitting.