Help with rib pattern

Hi There,
I am a little confused by my pattern. It is for a sleeve and it says:
Cast on 30 sts.
1st row K2 *P2 K2, rep from * to end
2nd row P2 *K2 P2, rep from * to end
Working increased stitches into rib, inc on st at end end of next row, then in foll alternate rows until there are 36 stitches.

Does this mean the stitches on my needle after knitting the 3rd row will be:

then on the 4th row

then on the 5th

Any help is extremely appreciated!

You need to expand the knitting in pattern–at least starting on the row that you knit after the increase row. So your pattern would expand like this:

from kkppkkppkkpp to

pkkppkkppkkppk to