Help with Rhombus Socks...again

Okay, I’m a little confused and wondering if I missed something. I can’t link to the pattern, because it was on MagKnits.

After I finished turning the heel and picking up the sts I need, here is how my sts are divided – according to pattern:

I had 19 sts on needle 1, and I pick up 14 sts (total 33). Needles 2 & 3 have 15 sts each. Needle 4 I pick up 14 sts. [B]I get this[/B]

I then decrease for a total of 16 sts, 8 sts on each of needles 1 & 4. This leaves me with 6 sts on needle 4. [B]Get this too[/B]

Then for the toe, I will decrease 1 st on each needle, every other row, until total sts reaches 21 (from 61). Now I’m going to run out of sts on needle 4 waaaay before then. Is that what is supposed to happen? Did I miss something?

Just not sure if I just go until there are no more sts. At the end, though, it does say to combine sts from 1&4 on one needle.

It is often necessary to re-arrange the stitches on the needles when decreasing. keep the begining of round in same place but slip other sts from one needle to the next so you can continue the shaping.

If I rearrange for that, I can’t really do it without moving the beginning of round. This is on needle 4, and the decrease is at the beginning of the needle. On needle 3, the decrease is at the end of the needle. It looks REALLY wonky if I change the line of the decreases by the 9 sts necessary.

I’ll keep fiddling with it I guess.

O.K, good point. Yes, I’d continue the line of the decreases for sure, and re-arrange as necessary. At this stage, where the round starts probably won’t matter too much, .

For my second sock, I think I will redistribute the sts right when I pick up the sts for the foot, but I will mark where the round begins, even if it is on needle 4. I keep thinking I missed something, but no matter how many times I re-read what I have saved, there’s nothing that I can see.

Yes. sounds good. I think a lot of patterns give you the basic directions and numbers and assume some knitters knowledge and interpretation for the many working details.