Help with reversing shaping

I am knitting this cardigan. The pattern has been a pain so far. It leaves a lot unsaid.

Anyways. I made the front left piece and now I am working on the right. It doesn’t say how to work on the right piece, just “reverse shaping”. I need some help. I have been trying to figure it out but I get the LFFD decrease/shaping too close to the side.

Just so you get a hang of how the stitches get used up:

RFFD=right full-fashioned decrease
s1 knitwise to RH needle, s1 purlwise to LH needle and pass the k st over the p st, sl the resulting st back to LH needle and k2tog (with next k on LH needle)

LFFD= sl 1 knitwise to RH needle, k2tog, pass the sl st over the k2tog.

And this is how the pattern says to do it in the left front piece.[I] I need to reverse these so it looks the same on the right one[/I].

[B]Armhole shaping:
(RS) k1, p1, k1, p1, RFFD, rib to last 2 sts, k2.
(repeat every 4 rows 3 times)

Neckline shaping:
(RS) Rib till last 4 sts , LFFD, k1.
(repeat every 4 rows 8 times)[/B]

So you work these at the same time.

Armhole shaping: I tried to just reverse them but the left decrease ends up closer to the side, I don’t get the last 4 stitches like I get on the left front piece using the RDDF on the armhole there.
Hope you get what I mean.
The LFFD eats up stitches and leaves me only with one and the RFFD still leave me with 4 stitches to knit in the end of the row.

I need help!! :zombie: :?? :help:

I think I got the armhole shaping down. I need to work rib until I have 7 sts left, do the LFFD and then I have 4 sts left to work in rib.

Now I need to figure out the neck shaping too…It needs to come so I only have one stitch left after the RFFD is done…

Gotta do math with this pattern. :whoosh:

ETA: I think I got the neck shaping down too. I hope.

This is not a great pattern. Not at all.