Help with "reverse dutch heel" (toe up)

hi there!

i have decided to try this heel next on the sock I am working on. i understand everything, but i just want to get your opinions on it. the link is here:

essentially my question has to do with the flap. it says “after you’ve completed your gusset increases,” blah blah do flap. basically i will be stopping at approximately 6 inches and then beginning my gusset increases, which I am going to do a total of 16 (8 on each side) so that will take me 16 rows. my gauge is about 10 rows an inch, so 16 rows will have me at approximately 7-1/2 inches, give or take, which means my little flap will have to be about 2 inches long in order to go under my heel… that’s the part I’m not sure on and I can’t really tell from the picture… it has “small heel flap” in the diagram on this page:

and it looks pretty small… Does 2 inches or so seem right?

Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

I don’t know the answer, but am bumping this for others to help.

aww, man! I was looking for Jan to answer you! PM Silver and then post her answer pele! Good luck…