Help with REplacing markers

I have been knitting my second poncho but ran into a mistake several rows back. Now that I have all the stitches back on the needle, I don’t know how to place the marker. It says knit to one stitch of marker increase place marker, increase. Now that may seem elementary to you but I don’t want to get several rows done and find I have moved over one or somthing else… I am thinking as I look at it that there should be a bar, l stitch, marker,bar and stitch. Is this correct? Thanks so much.
It is wonderful to have others to think with you!

What increase are you doing? What stitch pattern are you doing? Is it knit in the round?

See this picture - where you’ve got one column of stitches and increases shooting off on each side? Can you find a similar ‘seam’ on your poncho?

Do you still have some of the increases you made previously, or did you rip out those rows too? The inc row reads - [Work in pattern to 1 st before marker, yo, k1, slip marker, k1, yo] four times, k to end. 8 sts increased." So on the previous rows, you would have a YO, then 1 st, then a marker. Put the markers right after the stitch after the YO.

Thanks for your help everyone. My sister-in-law stated the obvious.

She said,“Why not make a swatch with scrap yarn with an increase in it?” I’m glad someone was thinking. When I did a few rows it was very apparent where to place the marker.