Help with rejoicing after a thumb

Hello, I’m having real difficulty with a glove pattern. It’s my first time making gloves. I’ve just finished the thumb and sown it up. Now the pattern says:

‘With rs facing, rejoin yarn to base of thumb and knit to end. 39 sts’

My confusion is, my thumb is in the middle. If I rejoin how do I knit all stitches (39) on both needles into one row?

Thank you!

Welcome to KH!
The pattern is telling you that you’ll have 39 live sts on the needle not that you necessarily need to have knit them all on the current row. Attach the yarn at the thumb, knit across to the end and proceed from there.
Let’s get a profession al opinion from a glove expert, @Daylilydayzed

Thank you for the warm welcome!

Ah that makes more sense. If the rs is facing me, the palm of the glove is to the left of the thumb and the top is on the right (I’m knitting the right glove).
The next line says work 9 rows and then it starts on finger shaping (knitting 25 and turning which is more stitches than either side so I figured it must be one row again by that point) So how would those two separate rows of stitches be reconnected to work the 9 rows if I’ve started in the middle?

Sorry, I hope that makes sense, I’m finding explaining more difficult that I expected. Thanks again!

It’s just popped into my head that I’m supposed to join at the right side of the thumb then knit the rest of the row (to the left of the thumb) onto one needle and that will connect it back to one piece and the I can work the 9 rows.

Does that make sense?

It seems to me that joining to the right side of the thumb or to the left side of the thumb is all the same. If I’m understanding, the thumb sts are held out of this and the following rows so basically this or the next row will connect the palm and the back of the glove.

Yes I agree, the thumb sts are done now.

I think you really helped my confusion when you said I don’t have to necessarily knit all of the current row. I think I jumped to that conclusion because patterns I’ve tried in the past have always said how many sts to leave and whatnot.

Thank you for the help @salmonmac