Help with really confusing shawl chart?

Hey everyone, I’m just really lost here, I consider myself between experienced and intermediate as a knitter but never have tried something with double pointed needles and never dealt with a chart like this… what do all these numbers and columns mean and how is this meant to be read? thank you!

the chart is on page 3 of the download, it is sideways there, so I cannot get a whole picture to load.

Lovely looking shawl.
The first row of the chart is giving the rows, e.g. rows 35-44.
The first column on the left is telling you how to work those rows. So row 35 is Sl1, M1, k6 *yo, k1, yo etc. There’s a blank space in that instruction for the number of times to repeat the directions between the asterisks. That number is given in the next column. So for row 35, repeat the * to * one time.
For the next direction down in column 1, The Sl1, M1, K6, P__, k8, the number to the right tells you what to fill into the blank. In this case it’s P27