Help with reading sleeve pattern

I’m knitting my first cardigan for my soon to be born baby and I’m stuck on the sleeves. The pattern reads “cont in garter st, inc at each end of 5th row and foll 6th rows 3 times in all…35 sts.” What does this mean?

You’ll have cast on X amount of stitches and worked a rib or welt of some kind,I’m assuming.You now need to continue on in garter stitch(all knit only) and when you reach the 5th row you will increase 1 stitch at each end of that row. Continue in garter stitch until you reach row 11 and increase each side again and then do the same on row 17 where you should have 35 sts. in total on your needle.Then continue as per the pattern. Well done for making your first knitted item and congratulations for your baby :smile: