Help With Reading My Pattern!

Ok, so I got all of the stitches figured out but I’m not quite clear on how to follow the first part of the pattern. This is the pattern I am using:

The pattern starts by telling you how to do the Moss Stitch part of the pattern … it gives instructions for rows 1-4, and tells you to repeat these 4 rows. I get that. It then tells you to cast on 125 stitches and work Moss Stitch for 6 rows. Does this mean to work the 4 rows of Moss Stitch described above 6 times (meaning 24 rows total)?

I’m a little confused!

No, a row is a row, no matter how many are in the [I]stitch repeat[/I]. So you knit rows 1-4, then rows 1-2 again.

It starts out telling the Moss stitch pattern stitch that will be used. Then it tells to use the four rows of the Moss stitch then to cast on the amount needed for the blanket. Using markers to separate the border stitches from the design stitches. You will work the first 6 rows of Moss stitch and separating the first 7 stiches by placing a marker on the needle from the main body of stitches , work the 36 Rows of the Pattern stitch and place a marker then work the last 7 stitches in moss stitch. The pattern stitch is a 36 row repeat. Those 36 rows will be repeated 6 times for the design. After the 6th repeat is finished you will repeat the moss stitch again for the same number of rows as the first border. The moss stitch is carried up on the 7 stitches on the sides to compleste the borders as you knit. I hope this helps you.

Ok, I think that makes sense.

Since the Moss Stitch is continued on the first and last 7 stitches of each row, I continue following the 4 row repeating pattern? Meaning that after 6 rows of Moss Stitch, the first row of the Pattern Stitch will use row 3 of the Moss Stitch pattern on the first and last 7 stitches and so on for each following row?

Hopefully someone can understand my train of thought here! I really appreciate everyone’s advice! :muah:

Yep, you’ve got it.

Great! Thank you so much!