Help with Raglan Baby Jacket

After CO 36 sts, K the first row & place markers as follows:
K1 pm K1 pm K6 pm K1 pm K18 pm K1 pm K6 pm K1 pm K1
then P one row.

[U]Shape Neck section begins and also, my confusion:[/U]

[COLOR=“Red”]kfb in 1st, *work to marker, M1R, slip marker, K1, slip marker, M1L, repeat from * end kfb last st.[/COLOR]

P WS rows.

Repeat these 2 rows until I have the following 96 sts:
[COLOR=“Red”]13, 1, 18, 1, 30, 1, 18, 1, 13[/COLOR]

Now, I understand technique and the front sts, selvage sts, sleeve sts, and back sts. But the RS row for shaping seems to be missing some of the sts and markers.

Thanks to anyone who can clarify this.:waving:

I think it looks OK. You can write it out as:
kfb, M1R/k1/M1L,k6,M1R/k1/M1L,k18,M1R/k1/M1L,k6M1R/k1/M1L,kfb
Each part of the sweater increases by 12 sts. The sleeves and back have M1 on each side and the fronts have both a M1 and a kfb. You start with 36 sts, increase a total of 60sts and end this part of the instructions with 96sts.

Well, it’s 2:30 in the AM so I might be all wrong. But it seems like all the parts are there. But I don’t see any selvage stitches. The 13 on each end would have to be the fronts, the 18s would be the sleeves and the 30 in the middle would be the back.

Thanks. I could see the sections were increased by 12 sts but got lost in just how to accomplish this.

It is much clearer the way you have written it out. I’m a bit linear in my thinking!

The pattern was calling the one st between markers the selvage sts. I also thought a selvage st was just on the edges but I’m good now, no matter what they’re called.

It’s all so clear to me now! Thanks.

They wrote the pattern so that you could repeat rows 1 and 2 the whole time. Row 1 will work like salmonmac said but the repeats will not. You will be adding stitches and you can’t just M1R/k1/M1L,k6,M1R/k1/M1L,k18,M1R/k1/M1L,k6M1R/k1/M1L,kfb every time or the increases won’t be in the right places. But the row as she gave it will help you get started.

Yes, I know what you’re saying. Thanks. Once I saw it written out differently, I got it. Just work to marker each RS row and K what ever sts are between the increases. Not sure why I had brain freeze on this one!

The project looks great and I’ve almost completed the body section with sleeve sts on holders for later.
Thanks again for your help!