Help with "quick baby sweater" pattern?

I am using Lorraine Majors Quick baby sweater (free pattern!) and the pattern has been really fun! :smiley: But, now I am stuck! I have gotten to the sleeves and the pattern says to
" slip sts from 1st (front) section up to marker (should be 22 sts) on to right hand needle. Cast on 2 sts, knit across sleeve section(27 sts), turn and cast on 2 sts, purl back"
Okay, so, here is my question, how do you cast on sts while you are in progress with a garment ? :?? I am also in a bit of confusion because I’ve never knit anything other than a square or rectangle before…

Any and all help will be much appreciated. Thanks!!!

When you get to the place you need to cast on, I’d suggest backward loop.

Ingrid- you totally rock! Thank you for your speedy reply!
Its just what I needed! Wish me luck as I try it out now that DD is asleep!
Off to knit… :XX:
p.s.- my dh looking over my shoulder said- they sent you a video? I think he is impressed!

OMG! It is actually starting to look like a SWEATER!!! One sleeve down, one to go… :happydance:
Thanks so much!!