Help with purse

I’m making my own pattern up for a purse, and it’s the first one I’m doing with a lining, so I need some advice please.

Is it better to hand sew the lining in or machine sew it?

Is it better to hand sew the zipper in or machine sew it?

Do you use any kind of stablizer in the lining to stiffen the purse up so it doesn’t sag?

Any helpful hints and advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!! :muah:

I’ve only done one liner before, but I machine sewed the shape, then hand stitched it into the bag. But if the bag is big enough to allow room for machine stitching, I say why not?

I didn’t stiffen the fabric, but it’s probably a good idea.

I agree w/ Silver- if the bag is large enough to do in the machine, I would use it for both the lining and the zipper. I hate when zippers get loose or come out. just measure and pin carefully! MKZ