Help With Purling Please!

What Pattern style is it when you purl every single stitch across the row for the whole project? is that the garter (even though i know garter is knitting all the way). help from a new knitter.

Purling every row creates garter stitch, as well.

The back of a knit stitch is a purl and the back of a purl stitch is a knit. So if you knit in the same stitch, knit or purl, every row, you end up with the same thing–one row shows a knit row and one row shows a purl row.

Thank You Alot? This really Helped Me. Thanks Alot. :cheering: :smiley: :roflhard: :thumbsup:

And if you don’t like doing lots of purling, you can always just knit :smiley: