Help with purl

Hope someone can help me out. I am trying to do this pattern and one of the things it is asking us “p to 3 sts left”. I understand all the abbreviations, but I am lost as to what it is asking me to do, other than that it is involved purl. Thank you in advance.

Welcome to forum. It tells you to purl whole row till last three stitches than next part in pattern tels you what to do to that 3 stitches.
What are you knitting? What pattern?

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: I am knitting a dress for a baby (due at the end of the month).

Ooh a new baby. How exciting. Your ownmor a friend’s?

Feel welcome to ask as many questions you need to continue with your pattern - and we’d love to see a photo of the dress if you’d like to post one.

My own. Thank you, will definitely post it once it is done

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Ooh congratulations!

Congratulations Lilita54

Thank you

Here is the dress


Beautiful little dress, so adorable :clap::smiley:

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How lovely! Well done!

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That is gorgeous. :grinning:

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Worked beautifully. What a sweet little dress!

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Oh look at that! Adorable dress, can only be improved by being filled with adorable baby!
You’ve made this so nicely.
What’s next?

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Thank you. Next is trying it on the baby that is due this Friday. I am hoping to do booties and a hat, if i have time.


This Friday! Wow! Exciting!
You better knit those booties fast!

Good luck hun, your long wait is done, you will finally have bundle of joy in your arms. :heart: