Help with purl stitch and loose ends

Hi everyone, beginner knitter here.
I’ve been practicing the purl stitch for hours, but keep ending up with these loose ends! Not matter how tight the tension is, it still ends up loose in the first few rows. Almost positive my technique is correct. Has anybody else had this problem?

It must be the cast on method you are using.The long tail cast on will not look like that

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I too think your cast on might be the problem. Is this the one you used? It can make a very messy edge and another might work better for you.

I agree it’s probably the cast on. I suggest using the knitted cast on or long tail. They are good basic cast on methods. If you used backward loop as Grumpy Gramma linked to it could be the problem. It’s a pretty awful cast on except for a few stitches at a time like underarms or mitten thumbs.