Help with provisional cast-on?

I am having so much trouble with the provisional cast-on. I have watched the video on this site dozens of times, on different occasions. I have also consulted the instructions in Vogue Knitting. But I can’t seem to get it. I always end up with a twisted mess.

Today, I sort of understood what was supposed to happen–I had a little section that looked ok, but then I had a few “stitches” that were wrong. I guess I lost concentration and went over instead of under (or something). My project calls for casting on 150 stitches–I don’t know how I will manage it.

Does anyone have any insight? Tricks? Tips? Commiseration?



For that many sts, probably the easiest would be to use some other yarn, cast on normally and knit a row, then begin working the pattern with your regular yarn. To take off the CO just cut it and unravel the row as you put the sts on your needles.

I use this one, never could get the hang of the one here.

Sue, I had never heard of that method. I like it and will definitely keep it in mind! First, I will try Jan’s suggestion. I have done a few stitches of that method and it seems really doable.

Thanks so much! Once I get this project done, I might try toe-up socks!


Love this video for doing PCO.
I use a similar weight yarn.


Another option - making a crochet chain and picking up stitches off it.