Help With Posting Pictures

This is a How-To forum so I thought I’d ask my question here. If it should be posted elsewhere, please move it for me.

I have read the sticky about posting pictures but it did not answer my questions.

I have a dial up connection because DSL is not available in my area.

When I post a comment and go to add pictures I always have to resize them. That is a trial an error deal because my program does not offer a slot in which to state I what the picture to be the maximum that this site requires. So after I have tried to upload pictures 2-3 times and have resized them each time, I usually end up with small picture as that just don’t compare with some that I have seen posted here by others.

Which brings me to another thing. Why will this site keep refusing to upload my pictures while at the same time I see several post that have pictures which far exceed the max. size allowed?

I don’t get it. Is it because they are loaded through an online place like flicker, and not loaded directly from the laptop?

Any help is appreciated.

I have dial up connection too. I think faster is available here, but we are cheap skates. :slight_smile: (poor too, so a good thing)

I don’t have a laptop and have never tried to download my pictures directly from the computer. I downsize my pictures to 1200 the longest way they are formatted on a program we have called Photo Impressions. Then I put my pictures either in PhotoBucket or FLICKR, from there I put them on here. I’ve noticed that the ones I put on from PhotoBucket a person can click on and they will get bigger, but the ones from FLICKR don’t do that.

I don’t know if any of this helps at all, but that is all I know.

You should [I]always[/I] resize photos. Resize them so they are not larger than 800 pixels on the longest side. That helps keep the file size down, too so photos don’t take as much server space for KH and they aren’t as hard to download for slow dial up users.

Flickr has changed their guidelines and we can no longer post the way we used to. All you can do now it seems is link to the photo on their site which I hate. I now use another site or attach photos after resizing them.

We really do try to keep an eye on photo sizes in here, but now and then a few do sneak by. I always let them know when I see them.

What are you using to resize photos?

Jan, what you say about FLICKR may be true (and I dislike picture links), but what I’ve done the last few times I put pictures here at KH is to do it directly from Ravelry. I put my project pictures up on Ravelry from FLICKR and then I click a particular picture and bring it up big, then I right click the picture and pick “save picture location” or something like that that. Then I put it up on a few groups on Ravelry then come over here and put it into “Whatcha’ Knittin”.

Unless they just changed something, this worked a few days ago.

I use the photo program that came with Windows 7 on my laptop.
Thanks everyone.

Because I have dial up and no a faster connection, I too don’t bother to click on links that people post. I would love to see their work, but it just takes so long to get there.

Hopefully, we will soon be able to access a better speed.