Help with posting images

Sorry if this info is here somewhere and I have overlooked it, but I have been searching in vain. I want to post a photo, but I can’t get it to be narrower than the screen. I hate it that you need to scroll horizontally to read the text of my post because the photo is so wide. I am not very savvy about digital images, especially sizing issues. I can resize the file to get the memory size down enough to attach, but the width of the image still appears too great. I usually use Irfanview to resize, though I also have Photoshop Elements.
Can anyone coach me on this?
Thanks, Fern

I don’t use that software, but look for an option to “resample” or “resize” or maybe even a command to publish to the web. When you upload photos for the web, anything over 72 dpi resolution is overkill because that’s the best that monitors can view. So cut your resolution and resize your photo.

Look in your help file for ‘resample’ ‘resize’ ‘optimize for the web’ etc.

Welcome Fernwood!

I use Irfanview too. Click “Ctrl. R”, and set the width of the image to 600, that should do it…


If you are, by any chance, working with a Kodak Easyshare camera & accompanying software, I can help…

:smiley: Thanks, Amy! That did it.