Help! with plymouth "heaven" yarn

I’m a sorta beginning knitter… this is my first “big” project in 20+ years. I’m making a baby sweater out of Plymouth’s “heaven” yarn which is quite fluffy/bulky. I think I can manage the pattern (I picked it for its simplicity), yet I seem to be adding several stitches on my first rows of ribbing. The fluffy softness is getting in the way somehow, no matter how carefully I knit. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve started this thing over again. I just can’t seem to see where, or how, I’m adding the stitches. Any suggestions?

There are a few possibilities. One is that you are not remembering to move the yarn in back to knit and in front to purl each time, or are purling or knitting when the yarn is in the wrong place. If the yarn is in the wrong place you would be doing an inadvertent yarn over, which would increase your st count.

Is the yarn splitting? Sometimes a split st gets knit twice, so that could increase your count.

At the beginning of the row, is your yarn on the correct side? You could be doing a yo in the beginning of each round.

One suggestion could be to, of course, pay special attention to where your yarn is and for the first few inches put markers every 10 stitches or so in order to catch exactly where you might me increasing.

Good luck!

Thanks Ingrid! :angelgrin: The fluffy stuff is attached to a tight cord so I don’t think that’s splitting but I think you may have hit on my problem… I bet I am leaving my yarn on the wrong side every now and then, or maybe at the beginning of the row. Sounds just like something I’d do. I’m going to start yet again and go veeeeery slooooooooowly. There are only 4 rows of ribbing so I should be able to manage (eventually) and hopefully things will get fun when I get to the stockinette part. And when I work my way up to projects that require yarnovers, I’ll know how to do one!!! Thanks again.