Help with pleats please

i’m stuck. i’m knitting a purse from a pattern out of the book ONE SKEIN (pg102). i’m trying to make a pleat. here’s where i’m stuck. the patterns says:

K3, [sl 3 sts onto dpn adn hold in front of work, knit these 3 sts tog with the next 3 sts on needle]

which needle? the dpn? which 2 needles am i knitting with now? i need to know what i’m supposed to knit to what before i lose my mind!! i want to work on this so much and i don’t know how. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks for reading.

I don’t have that pattern book, and I have never made a pleat, so take my guess as just that a guess.

It looks to me like you are supposed to knit 3,
put the next three stitches onto a DPN and hold those to the front of your work.
Then knit the three on the DPN And the next three stitches together.
Basically knitting together six stitches total.

I think the reason you would be doing that is so that the proper slant of having to scoop up the ones that are on the DPN will make a difference in how the ‘pleat’ will lay.

The way to double check would be to look forward in the pattern and find out your next stitch count that they give you. Somewhere or other it should say how many stitches you should have on your working needles.


This is just a guess. I would have to look at more of the pattern to be sure.
Hopefully someone will come along soon who has made a pleat, and or can decifer the pattern better.

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Knit one off the needle held to the front along with one from your LH needle. Do this three times.

thanks for your quick replies. i know i should understand, but i’m still a confused. ok, am i putting the right needle through both the stitch on the dpn and the regular stitch? i feel so dense b/c your instructions seemed so clear, then when i look at what i have on my needles…agggrrrrghhhh. could you please explain it one more time and pretend you’re talking to a 6 year old…

:lol: OK, honey. .

Put your right needle in through the loop on the front needle as if you are going to knit it, and then through the loop on the back needle in the same way. Wrap your yarn around the right needle as normal, and pull it through the two loops, sliding them off their needles. They will be knit together.

Clear enough?

It sounds almost like a 3 needle bind off…without binding off.

That’s exactly what it is. :thumbsup:

:cheering: thank you ALL so much. i finally got it!!! i’m so happy…i’m on top of the world ma!!! i am truly grateful for all the help and patience.

i’ll be back…

thanks for the kind welcome to this board/forum. i’ve been lurking for awhile and i just knew you guys would come to my rescue. knitters are knice people.

knitters are knice people.

I really LIKE that line!

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