Help with place markers

i’ve reached a point in a pattern i am working and am stuck…

It is a pattern in the round and the part i’m confused about is increasing the stiches on the 3rd needle. Here is what the pattern says:

Rnd 1, needle 3: p2,k1,pm,m1,pm, cont pattern as est
–i got this part, puting the two place markers in place

Rnd2, needle 3: sm,m1,k1,m1,sm, cont patter as est
–this is where i start getting confused. sm is “slip marker” - what does this mean? then:

Cont to work by k into the back and front of the first and last sts between the markers on each run to 13 sts between markers
–now i’m totally lost. Can someone please shed some light on this???

When you slip the marker, you just move it from one needle to another as you get to it.

When you placed the markers, you made that one increase between them.

On the next round, they want you to move the marker to your working needle, do a m1 increase, k1, and then another m1 increase between the markers.

After this, on each round they want you to do a kfb into the stitch after the first marker and before the last marker until you have 13 stitches between the markers.

I thought that’s what they wanted, but when i get to the second round the marker is not at the front of the needle, it’s three stiches in. Did i miss something?

Right before you placed the marker, you had to p2, k1–those are the 3 stitches.

When you first put the markers on the needles it will look like this: (M=marker)

p,p,k M inc M continue pattern

On the next round you should have

p,p,k, M inc, k, inc M continue, then

p,p,k, M kfb, k, kfb M continue

p, p, k M kfb, k,k,k, kfb M and keep doing this until you have 13 stitches between the Markers.