Help with pipers journey

A bit confused someone help me in plain English please

This is the lace border part.
Work Row 1 of lace border pattern. Cont in lace pattern as est, using up 1 st from shawl body every RS row, until 2 shawl body sts rem, end after a WS row. Next row dec row: (RS) K17, skp the last border st with the first body st on needle. Next row: Knit. Rep last two rows one more time.

I can’t help, but to help someone else help you…can you link to the pattern, say where you got it, something like that? Which part is giving you problems?

Here’s a link to the Ravelry page. The idea here is that as you knit the border, you’re also attaching it to the body of the shawl. It seems that for your pattern, this is done by knitting 2 together at the end of the border RS row. Then turn, purl to the end of the border, turn and knit towards the shawl body ending again with k2tog to join the border and shawl body. Continue this until there are only 2 shawl body sts left. On the RS row k17, skp, turn, knit back, turn and repeat.

Ok thank you so much.