Help with pincushion pattern

Hi there!

Working on this adorable Hedgehog Pincushion, but I’m afraid I’m misunderstanding something. I did catch the part about converting from English to American, so am doing sc as opposed to dc, but this part is throwing me off:

ROUND 6. *dc in 2nd stitch from the hook and the next 4 stitches. *repeat until you have completed 1 round.

ROUND 7. *dc in 2nd stitch from hook and next 3 stitches. *repeat until round complete.

ROUND 8. *dc in 2nd stitch from hook and next 2 stitches. *repeat until round complete.

I should also stipulate I haven’t crocheted with a pattern in a long time, but to me, those rounds just read like you’re completing a round normally, but what I suspect is there’s an increase/decrease intended? I really am unsure, anyone have an idea? Thanks in advance!

Happy holidays!!!

That’s confusing. Just by reading, it sounds like you’re supposed to skip a stitch but that doesn’t seem right.

I suspect is there’s an increase/decrease intended

The pattern continues to:

ROUND 10. *dc in 2nd stitch from hook. *repeat until there are no stitches left. fasten off and weave in ends.

I’d say, yes, you are decreasing. I would consider a “normal” decrease rather than skipping a stitch.

I came across the suggestion of using a piece of pantyhose inside a knitted or crocheted piece before stuffing. Just thought I’d pass that along in case you might find it useful.

That’s a cute pin cushion. I might have to make one for myself.