Help with picot edging

I am making this sweater and am wanting to put a picot edging on the bottom and the sleeves, as well as a picot edged collar.

Now i am not having a prob with the bottom or the sleeves, but i am having difficulty with how high to make the collar before starting the picot edge so that the collar will lie down nicely. The pattern calls for the last buttonhole to be made and then to knit the next row and 6 more rows to make the garter stitch edge. Would I be able to knit the 7 rows in st st and then make the picot edge? Also, would it look ok with the garter stitch on the sides of the cardi or shouldi use another stitch?

This sweater is knit from the top down…are you adding a collar in addition to the edge already specified?

You could do the whole sweater in garter if you wanted to…

The garter stitch as edging on the neckline, sleeve edges, front edges & bottom edges just gives a bit of definition to those areas and creates the button/buttonhole bands at the front edge.

Don’t know if this helps at all… :??


I forgot that the sweater is knit from the top down…would I then start with a picot edge for a collar? maybe i will just fiddle with it and see where i come up.

Because I have already knit a picot edged hat and am knitting picot edged booties, I wanted to change that sweater to match, and wasnt sure how to go about that exactly.

Thanks for the reply dplantlady! Any others?