Help with Picking up stitches

I understand how to pick up stitches, My problem is I have knitted a really nice cabled hat band and have it stiched togethor now I have to pick up stitches on to circular needles. Ok knitting cirular is not problem…

The question: How do I start the yarn I mean the skeen is not attached to the cable band. So now what?? :?? :oops:

Just start pulling the stitches through. You can weave in the tail later.

Oh my gosh thank you so much. Thats what I was thinking but i tend to obcess and talk myself out of things So Ive been looking at this pretty band for the last 2 hours afriad to start…LOLOL Thank you! :oops:

:teehee: No problem! Welcome to the forum, by the way!

I bet you’re making Coronet from Knitty, aren’t you? :wink:

Yes yes I am Thank you so much for welcoming me!