Help with picking up stitches


i ahev knitted a simple V neck jumper for my 3 year old. the trouble is i am very new to knitting, and they say you have to pick up 126 stitches around the neck, i have tried on a previous project and failed misserably. i did have a try on this one and again failed.

can anyone tell me how on earth you do this and it dosen’t pull like crazy please?

if not another idea to try around the neck as it def needs something there


I’m assuming you checked out the videos on this site?

If you’re having trouble pulling the yarn through the edge, try using a crochet hook, pulling the yarn through, and then putting it on your needle.
Also realize that you don’t have to pick up on the very edge of the bind off. You can go in to the last stitch–that makes it easier, too.