Help with picking up stitches please

Fairly knew to knitting been using videos to help learn new techniques. Knitting baby cardigan, cast on 36 stitches for sleeve (stocking stitch) I understand I gave to knit to top of arm then cast of. I then have to pick up 42 stitches from cuff edge. I understand how to pick up stitches but videos say pick up 1 stitch from each stitch so how i do I create 42 stitches from only 36?

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You can try picking up a stitch between sts every 5 or 6 sts or you can pick up stitch for stitch and then increase on the next round.

I apologies for hyjacking your help question, but I am intrigued… how do you pick up stitches between stitches.?

Here’s a video for picking up sts in a cast off (or cast on) edge. Although the video doesn’t recommend picking up in the space between sts, that is one way of picking up more sts than there are cast on.